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Age Conundrum in Digital Marketing

Phentermine Usa Online Age stops being a factor and basics start getting more important with a practical field like digital marketing if one refers to the actual work rather than theory. I’d love to say that there is no age limit, but some of my recent experiences are not consistent with the statement, “there’s no age limit to learn digital marketing.” The right question would thus be “Is there any age limit to be a highly talented digital marketer?” Anyone who’s between 18 to mid-30s has better chances these days to hone their skills than the rest.

Online Phentermine “This is not a thumb rule though”

Some notes –

In recent few months, I have come across people in their mid-40s and 50s struggle with learning the technicalities and creative requirements of digital marketing as compared to their younger counterparts.

What gives? Hands on exposure

The time spent with tools and platforms while playing with and analysing large amounts of data, is skewed towards the younger population.

While the youngsters get to spend more hands on time with tools, elders, by the very nature of their jobs and responsibilities, get lesser hands-on time and more with other tasks.

Taking Instructions

Youngsters get more instances, more chances of being in a situation where they have to carry out instructions.

This gives them an advantage of sharpening first-hand knowledge of on-ground digital marketing activities This also puts the elders in more situations of supervisory & strategic tasks.

Not everyone wants to be a Manager/ Supervisor/ Team Lead. Not everyone is cut for these roles. To them, being adaptive to junior roles becomes necessary.

Buy Phentermine Online Cheapest Nuanced Strategies

When it comes to strategies, the opinion of those who know more about the nitty-gritties carries equal – if not more – weight than the opinion and direction of those who are at the top of the hierarchy.

The HIPPO factor is trumped by influence of grounded insights on strategies at times. Being receptive to ideas, to datasets presented by juniors ensures that despite being on the other side of age bracket, you stay relevant and thriving.


Anyone, regardless of age, can learn new things if they take care of certain things like –

  1. Unlearning
  2. Number of hours given to self learning & experimenting
  3. Not relying on traditional courses or institutes

Just look at some of the most well known & loved content creators in their twenties such as Ashish ChanchlaniBeYouNickVidya Vox & then look at some in their late-30s & above – such as Nisha MadhulikaArun Prabhudesai.

Their digital presence & skills in marketing themselves to the audience and brands have played significant role in their success. They are not necessarily digital marketers, but digital marketers of any age can learn a lot from the way they manage their brand’s online presence & promotions.

Many creators, digital marketers, agency owners are in their late 30s or beyond. They Prove That Age is Just a Number

But they also are the outliers. Scores of people, regardless of age are still struggling.

I hope this write-up has been helpful in clearing up some facts and misconceptions related to age vis-a-vis a successful career in Digital Marketing.


I manage the agency ops & growth at Armoks Digital 🙂


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