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Finding suitable digital marketing talent

Finding suitable digital marketing talent It is often said that in Pune, you have to pick from whatever limited available talent. Unlike Mumbai, or Bangalore, where you have hundreds of excellent profiles that you can pick & choose from.

We are speaking of an issue that many agencies and organizations are currently facing.

Talent shortage is not a thing unique to DM domain, it cuts across industries, verticals, locations, seniority. Good talent is scarce. good talent is rare. This is one drought that can be overcome through several years’ efforts & needs industry support, and in some cases active industry participation.강릉출장안마추천[카톡: M o46](moo2 7.c0M)출장오피출장샵Y◐⇚2019-02-24-12-06강릉✌AIJ♐출장가격출장가격출장오피✍출장업계위↰출장샵예 Campaigns There is no shortcut to be good at digital marketing campaigns. It is all dirty work. When it comes to recognizing the right talent, only a hands on campaigner can recognize another campaigner and market is flooded with digital marketers who are motormouths but have incorrect approach/ wrong fundamentals/ poor campaign execution capabilities…the list is long one. And then there are those who know the stuff because they have gone through it, the struggle, the failed campaigns and the painfully crafted successful campaigns.

Quality of actual experience There is so much to it that demands actual hands on experience which must have been under a skilled manager. A good digital marketer can suffer at the hands of poorly skilled manager or colleagues, opaque business practices, restrictive environment and so on. SOME of the agencies are known to keep the search marketing teams separate from display marketing teams. Meaning, you get to slog on reporting of search campaigns for a year, then for a year on writing ad copies or validating work already done and so on. Think of a BPO like work for digital marketing. No meaningful racking of brains that can improve your sense of how shit works. No thinking needed there, just do what you are told to do.

Buy Phentermine Online Mexico That is one of the reasons why talent doesn’t improve as fast as it should.

Buy Phentermine Online Cheap Good senior talent

Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Uk Another reason is that only talent can nurture talent. Managers who think they are good at digital failing to produce good campaigns is one thing. But the stinging part is that they fail to drive excellence. Worst part is, they are not to blame. You can’t expect someone who hasn’t driven to teach someone else how to drive. You got to have trainers, mentors, managers, seniors who actually can launch campaigns, who can handle dashboards, structuring, optimzation, analysis of huge rows & columns in an excel sheet AND be good & kind enough to share that experience.

Phentermine Order Online Reviews Too much to ask these days.

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Candidates fumble at questions like what is the maximum membership duration for a re-marketing list? Now, that is a very simple trick question. We have seen guys not answer separately for display & search.

Some say 30 days, 60 days, some say it is 1 year. Where as the correct answer is – the maximum duration allowed for the Display Network is 540 days, and for Google Search, 180 days.

Its a fact that this question can be answered correctly with a careful theoretical study of AdWords, which marketers don’t do before going for an interview. Basics guys, basics. Read up before going to interview & try to remember what you are reading. Makes sense to stay at sharp wits and informative.

Then what about the questions that can only be answered with experience? For example, How do you structure a campaign for a small B2C business with budget of Rs. 25,000 per month?

Again, candidates can demonstrate their experience by stating some assumptions while making a hypothetic structure to answer this question or draw from their experience to come up with an example digital marketing campaign structure.

Fielding interview questions

Questions like –

Write an ad copy for a real estate residential product at Baner, with product details given to the candidate.
Do a keyword planner, display planner exercise for an ecommerce website’s product page.
Analyse a landing page and give your inputs.
What’s the conversion optimization best practices?
What is the average industry range for CPL of a so & so business at so & so location
Guesstimate amount spent on display ads in Pune on christmas?
What works best when it comes to search vs display ads?. What questions would you ask if you are given budget of Rs. 5 lacs a week
This can go as tricky as it can possibly be, depending on the company hiring you, or as simple yet confusing as it can possibly be. What’s important is that the fundamentals are well set and you as a digital marketer are aware of the fundamentals.
There are agencies in Pune that are known to aggressively hire super bright talent, but have been unable to fill vacancies because of talent shortage.
We at Pune digital marketers are trying to take took a step towards bringing better talent to the market – by organizing a course on digital marketing, a once a year activity that we are looking to have committed ourselves to, and we hope that it helps in improving the talent scenario in Pune. We urge the freshers, experienced digital marketers wanting to get in to better skills in digital marketing, and folks looking to make themselves better at digital marketing awesome ROI drive campaigns to attend this course. join this community at

I, can be found volunteering digital marketing meetups & 24adp digital marketing conference at Pune Digital Marketers community, which has been striving since 3 years now to improve the digital marketing eco system in Pune. Am at 🙂


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